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Ford F150 Turbo Diesel Shoot with Donut Media

Happy New Year!

I started of 2018, with a trip to L.A to work with Donut Media on a video for a Ford social media campaign. The video was about the new and first ever, Ford F150 Turbo Diesel, which has the best torque, tow and gas mileage in its class. Since the shoot occurred shortly after the Christmas holiday, the video highlights that the F150 is powerful yet economic, by using it to collect and then recycle Christmas trees to give back to the environment.

In this shoot I was the A camera operator, so about 90% of the shots were taken by me on my Red Epic W in 6k; the edit was handled by Donut Media. This shoot and edit needed to be completed quickly, so the turnaround from conception to delivery was about one week.

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